Open Science SIG Fellowship

Call for fellows

With the Open Science SIG Fellowship, the OS-SIG wants to celebrate the contributions of early career scientists to the Open Science cause. Our goal is for those early career scientists to become champions of open science in their labs and within the OHBM community.

The award will include $300USD, which can be used to cover costs associated with your personal development in open science; e.g. attending events or funding new or current projects. Open Science Fellows will also be offered a time slot to speak at the Open Science Room during OHBM this summer.

The only formal duty for the Open Science SIG Fellows will be the teaching assistant (TA) role during the 2021 OHBM Hackathon’s TrainTrack. For this Hackathon, we plan to have a series of hands-on sessions as an integral part of the TrainTrack, making the TrainTrack itself as close as possible to a bootcamp.

We plan to cover the following general macro-topics:

  • version control & code testing;
  • reproducible workflows;
  • machine learning & data visualization;
  • community building.

The Fellows will guide the participants through these topics. For coding sessions, we strongly suggest to use the pair-programming paradigm pioneered at NeuroMatch Academy, helping them when they get stuck and encouraging discussions. In practical terms, these efforts will consist of two main components: preparing the teaching material (for coding sessions, Jupyter Notebooks hosted on Google Colab - or similar solutions - that the participants can ‘solve’ and run while sharing their screen) and reusing existing material as much as possible; dedicating at most three hours each day, for three days, during the 2021 OHBM Hackathon to host and support the participants.

We plan to have 10 fellows for the first cohort (2021) from across the globe, distributed across different time zones. We will aim to select enough fellows to cover specific micro-topics within the mentioned macro-topics. Applications from early-career researchers (i.e. in a non-tenured position) involved in open science are welcome. Members of groups that have been historically underrepresented in open science or at past hackathons are especially encouraged to apply. The application form will ask for:

  • Some details on your current position and background;
  • A brief statement (100 words max) on what your personal goal in open science is;
  • Links to your current and past efforts to open science (e.g. git repositories, blog posts, past events);
  • The macro-topic(s) you are most familiar with, and potential ideas for micro-topics;
  • The potential time slots that would be suitable for you during the OHBM Hackathon.

The application deadline is the 5th of March. Click here to go to the application form.