OHBM Brainhack 2020

A virtual hackathon!

All OS-SIG events 2020 will run virtually. The OHBM Brainhack – the Hackathon organized by the OS-SIG – will happen on June 16-18.

The event will be available globally through 3 hubs: - The Americas - Europe, Middle East & Africa - Asia and Pacific

To accomodate different timezones, the schedule will include 6 hours of common content within hubs and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in asynchroneous activities during the rest of their working day.

Registration will open soon for a total of 500 attendees across the three hubs. Full registration will be 25 USD.

Reduced registration will be available for those who work and reside in countries ranking low middle (5 USD) or low (0 USD) on The World Bank’s country income classification list. In addition, those who cannot support the cost of the hackathon will also be able to apply for reduced registration.

The OHBM Brainhack is organized and run by the OS-SIG with support from many volunteers in the OHBM community. We are in particular grateful for the help of the Brainhack Global team.

More updates coming soon…

What is a hackathon?

At the OHBM hackathon members of the community gather to work collaboratively on common projects. The event also features a TrainTrack in which tutorials are provided. Hackathons differ from typical academic conference in that because attendees can actively take part in the program and co-learn from each other will be actively trying to create something rather than passively attend. Although many hackathon projects might involve coding, it is not a requirement and many projects can be done without coding skills.

For this years’s hackathon, we want to create an atmosphere where people who have never attended such event before can feel welcome. We want to make sure that attendees not only have the opportunity to learn new open-science skills in the traintrack that will help them in their future work but that they also get the chance to directly practice some of those skills by joining and collaborate on a hackathon project.

What kind of projects can you find in a hackathon?

The projects can be things the project leader is already working on, or a project they would like to receive contribution/opinion/help, or a completely new project they would like to accomplish with group work.

You can find example of projects listed in the different brainhack events or directly on the websites of previous hackathons :

If this is not enough, here are some projects that you could propose: - improving existing materials to comparing certain methods or creating packages - creating youtube videos to present your favorite tool or some of its feature - help improve the online documentation of some software (like the SPM wikibook) - …

Suggesting or joining a project

When you propose a project make sure that it has a rough plan about the amount of work that needs to be done and that it has clear goals that can be (partly) achieved during the (short) amount of time you are provided with.

Since you won’t have any knowledge about the expertise profile of the other hackathon attendees until the it starts, it is better to incorporate some flexibility into your project plan and schedule. Because there is always a possibility of getting help from any number of attendees on many different aspects of your project that you didn’t plan ahead.

Please do not undermine the contribution that would come from any of the attendees at the event. This is one of the important parts of the event. Be inclusive and open to the contributions. Especially if they come from an early career researcher and he/she is there to learn from you; please do not forget that you were one of them once too and that providing people with an environment to learn and improve themselves is one of the main goals and gains of the event. And again you would never be able to know which contribution an attendee could provide you with. Therefore, it is always better to keep yourself open to different ideas and contributions and to let the brainstorming help you achieve your project’s goals.

For more information

For most recent updates, you can check: - the github repository of the hackathon - the OS SIG website - the hbm-hackathon channel on the brainhack mattermost - the OSSIG on twitter @OHBMopen.